Name: Kelly Housley

Favorite unit/class at ICASI and why: It is hard to narrow down to one favorite class because I liked to learn a little about everything. I did like learning how to work with sugar, creating a hypothetical business and running the class restaurant. I enjoyed learning the techniques of sugar work because it is so artistic and beautiful. I loved learning how to start a business, I have used skills from that class time and time again. I also enjoyed working the class restaurant because it tested your knowledge and skills and allowed you to have feedback from the customers.

Why did you chose ICASI?: I chose ICASI because it was everything I was looking for in a school. I live only an hour from ICASI so I was able to commute. The short class hours and days allowed me to keep my full time job while going to school. I also like that I could take pastry arts without culinary arts, not many schools offer that option. The school was affordable and it only took two years to complete the course.

Most important thing you learned from ICASI: The most important thing that I learned at ICASI is to be creative. Using your imagination makes your pastries unique.

What was your ICASI experience like?: My experience at ICASI was very exciting for me. I had just graduated High School and had completed my vocational culinary class, I was ready to take the next step. The teachers were great and I was the first class to work in the new building. The time flew by and when it was over my family missed my homework leftovers the most!

How were the other students?: I really enjoyed the variety of the students ages. Everyone was fun to work with, since it was not a typical college scene. I met some very fascinating people with past experience and some with no experience but big ideas.

How was the administration?: The staff at ICASI was great. They know you by name and greet you with a smile, almost like family.

Did ICASI help you in your career?: My career was definitely made possible because of ICASI. People treat me with much more respect and I now own my own cake business. ICASI helped prepare me for the real world.

What advice do you have for future students?: To all of the future students, trust in Loretta Paganini ( she knows what she is talking about). ICASI is a wonderful school with small class sizes, a beautiful campus, great food and a welcoming staff.

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