Name: Harlan Siegel

Favorite unit/class at ICASI and why: I really enjoyed Foodservice Management. (It was only one class when I went there). It allowed me to get a taste of some of the things that I am doing currently. I also really enjoyed PABT2. The instructors that I had then, Karen & Ken, were really good instructors. I won't include my externship, although that was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Favorite instructor or administrator and why (if you have one): I have two. One would be Goran. He taught a lot of little tricks of the trade that have really come in handy. The second would be Chris Wozniak. He is a very smart person and it show that he likes what he is doing.

Why did you chose ICASI?: It was close to home, and the price was a lot better than going to the CIA. Also, after spending four years getting my BS, I didn't want to spend another two years on a campus, dealing with "college stuff".

Most important thing you learned from ICASI: I have a new found respect for Italian cooking. I can't really put a finger on one important thing that I learned though. I took what all of the instructors have taught me and tried to incorporate all of it into my work and my cooking.

What was your ICASI experience like?: I think my experience was different than most of the other students that were going there at the time. It was great though. I was working at one of the better restaurants in the city at the same time I was going to school, so I was really getting the best of both worlds, though my free time was very little. I also ended up living in Italy for my externship, learning not just about cooking, but about working with people from completely different backgrounds. It was a true eye opener.

How were the other students?: The other students were fine. I didn't really make lasting friendships with any of them. Although I did end up getting a couple of them to work with me at Boulevard Blue.

How were the instructors?: I really like all of the instructors. I thought that every single one of them had something different to teach.

How was the administration?: I didn't really deal with the administrators too much, but they were very helpful whenever I did need them.

Did ICASI help you in your career?: Yes it did, although a lot of the practical things I could have learned while working, going to ICASI moved the learning process along a lot faster.

What advice do you have for future students?: Try to get a job in the industry while going to school. It really helps to work at a restaurant. You really get to put a lot of what you learn in school to practice. Also, don't just go through the motions. Really try to learn from the instructors. Ask questions. Be proactive.